Wireless Access

Adopted October 20, 2005, Revised January 24, 2008

Orrville Public Library provides free, high-speed, open wireless network Internet connectivity for users wishing to pursue their informational needs with the convenience and technological flexibility of using their own wireless enabled equipment.

By choosing to use this unsecured wireless service, patrons are agreeing to abide by Orrville Public Library’s Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Policy.

Library staff members are not able to provide technical assistance and no guarantee can be made that a successful wireless connection will be made. Random loss of signal may occur. Only web-based e-mail can be accessed via the wireless network. Use of the wireless network is entirely at the risk of the user.

The library disclaims any and all liability for loss of confidential information or damages resulting from that loss, or any and all damages resulting from use of the wireless network. Radio signals (wireless) may be intercepted on an open network. Use caution when transmitting personal information.

There is no printing capability available from this wireless connection.