Circulation Policies

Adopted December 12, 1996

Revised August 27, 1998, November 18, 1999, April 2000, February 28, 2002,  May 30, 2002, October 23, 2003, October 28, 2004, August 17, 2006,   September 28, 2006, October 25, 2007 (effective 1/1/08), December 4, 2008 (effective 1/1/09), November 3, 2011, February 23, 2012

Library cards are available to individuals of any age.  Applicants must be a resident of Ohio and be able to show proof of identity and street address.  In the case of a child, parental or guardian address will be accepted as proof.  Children age 14 and under must have a parent or guardian signature on their library card application.  In order to protect library patrons from any unauthorized use of their library card, when checking out library materials library patrons must present their library card, a picture i.d., or their full name, address, phone number, and birthday, which must exactly match current library records.

Library patrons of all ages may check out videotapes and DVDs from the children’s collection.  All library patrons may also check out non-fiction videotapes and DVDs from both the children’s and adult collections.  Library patrons must be at least 15 years of age to check out videotapes and DVDs from the adult fiction (entertainment) section.  ‘R’ and TV-MA rated videos can only be checked out by patrons who are 18 years old or older.

The following limits are established:

  1. Library patrons may check out 50 items on their card.   Total cost of the items borrowed may not exceed $1,000.
  2. There is no limit on the number of items that may be reserved.
  3. Books, audiobooks, CDs, and non-fiction DVDs circulate for three (3) weeks.  Express (high demand materials) circulate for two (2) weeks.  DVDs, videos and magazines circulate for one (1) week.
  4. Items may be renewed up to five (5) times, provided these items have not been requested by other patrons.
  5. Patron borrowing privileges are suspended when fines total $10.

Fine rates are established as:

  1. $1 per day, up to $5 per item, for videos/DVDs.
  2. $.10 (10 cents) per day, up to $3 per item, for all other materials.

Library card replacement charge is $1.00.

Eligible library users may have only one active library card at a time.  The only exception is for teacher cards.  Refer to Teacher Card Policy.