Circulation Policies

Circulation Policies  (Adopted December 12, 1996. Revised August 27, 1998; November 18, 1999; April 2000; February 28, 2002; May 30, 2002; October 23, 2003;October 28, 2004; August 17, 2006; September 28, 2006; October 25, 2007 (effective 1/1/08); Revised December 4, 2008 (effective 1/1/09); Revised November 3, 2011; February 23, 2012; May 26, 2016; July 27, 2017; July 23, 2020; July 22, 2021)

Borrowing Responsibilities

Free library cards are available to individuals of any age.  Applicants must be a resident of Ohio and be able to show proof of identity and street address.  In the case of a child, parental or guardian address will be accepted as proof.  Children age 17 and under must have a parent or guardian signature on their library card application.  In order to protect library patrons from unauthorized use of their library card, when checking out library materials library patrons must present their library card, a picture ID, or be able to state personal information to verify their account.  When you sign your library card you assume responsibility for anything that is checked out on the card.  If you change your address, e-mail, or phone number, notify the library on your next visit.  If the library card is lost or stolen, it is important to notify the library as soon as possible since you are still responsible for items checked out on your card.  The fee to replace a library card is $1.00.

Your OPL card may also be used at any CLEVNET library –


Checkout Guidelines

- Maximum items on a library card at one time – 99 (Limit of 15 DVDs)

- Items may be renewed up to five (5) times provided that the items have not been requested by other patrons

- Patrons owing $10.00 or more in fees will be prohibited from borrowing

- Vacation loans for OPL items may be permitted upon request, with the exception of new releases or high demand items


Item TypeLending/Loan Period *

Late Fee *



21 days


Yes x5

Express Books

14 days




7 days


Yes x5

Express DVDs

7 days



Non-Fiction DVDs

7 days


Yes x5


7 days


Yes x5


7-14 days



* Materials from other CLEVNET libraries may have different fine rates or loan periods


AV Restrictions

Library patrons of all ages may check out DVDs from the Children’s collection.  Library patrons must be at least 13 years or age or older to check out PG/PG-13 DVDs in the adult audiovisual collection.  DVDs rated ‘R’ and ‘TV-MA’ can only be checked out by patrons who are 18 years of age or older.



Starting June 1, 2020, Orrville Public Library joined the growing number of Ohio libraries that no longer charge fines for overdue materials.  Fees will still be charged for lost or damaged materials.  Patrons with long overdue materials will have their card blocked, which stops them from checking out additional physical items until the overdue materials have been returned.

If an item is not returned by 35 days past its due date it is noted as lost material and the patron will be charged a replacement fee.

While current overdue fines will be waived, fees for current lost or damaged charges will remain on the patron’s account.

Hotspots - $5.00 per day, up to $35.00 per item


Lost Material

Patrons will be charged for lost/non-returned items.  The fee includes the cost of the item and processing fees, if applicable.  The library will not refund the item cost if material is found.


Damaged Material

Materials that are damaged and in such a condition that they can no longer circulate will be assessed a replacement cost.  Damage fees will vary depending on the type of problem and format of the damaged item.  Processing fees may be assessed for repair and replacement of misc. items that can help get the material back into circulation (ex: broken case, new barcode, ripped pages, or missing cord).

Non-Orrville Public Library materials that are damaged will be sent back to the owning library which will determine the charge for the item.


NSF Fees

When a check from a patron has been rejected by the bank due to Non-Sufficient Funds, the Fiscal Officer will notify Circulation so that any fees incurred can be placed on the patron’s account.


Collection Agency

The library has contracted with a collection agency to assist in the retrieval of long overdue materials and to collect outstanding fines/fees from accounts.  Customer accounts will be forwarded to the agency when:

  1. Items are at least six (6) weeks overdue, and
  2. An account has fines and/or fees totaling $75.00 or more

A non-waivable $10.00 referral fee will be added to each account that is forwarded to the collection agency.  Cardholders whose accounts have been referred to the collection agency will be prohibited from borrowing library material until their account is paid in full/removed from collections and under $10.00.



The library cannot cash checks for any patron.  However, a check may be accepted for the exact amount of payment, but no change should be given.


* The Director or their designee has the authority to waive or modify any part of this policy at his/her discretion if warranted by extenuating circumstances.