Teacher Corner

The OPL Children's Department is happy to partner with area educators by providing these special services to teachers.

Teacher Cards: Teachers in the greater Wayne County area may qualify for a teacher card. See our Teacher Card Policy for details.         

Class Visits: Doing a class research project together? Bring your class to the library! We can help your students learn how to research a subject via our library resources - computers, reference materials, and more. Or, we can bring a stack of books to your classroom to share and speak briefly about the materials available to them at the library for their personal research.

Subject/Author Collections: Need extra material to expand that unit you're teaching? Call and let us know what you need and we will put together a collection of materials. If we do not have everything you need, we can request what is needed. Just have your library card ready to provide us with your number. We'll have your collection ready and waiting at our desk or drive-up window.

Books in a Box: Orrville Public Library is able to provide our teachers with multiple copies of the same title for use in the classroom. Titles for K-8th grade reading levels are available for several weeks. Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to gather the books, as many will be collected from other CLEVNET libraries.  We will even deliver the Books in a Box to your classroom (Orrville City Schools only - teachers in the surrounding communities can pick up their box at the library).

PAL (Play and Learn) Kits: These collections of books, music and educational activities based on a common theme are for the use of those who teach young children in preschool or kindergarten.