3rd Annual Local Author Festival

Thirty-one local authors are planning to attend our 3rd Annual Local Author Festival on Saturday, March 2!  The event will be from 10:00am-1:00pm.  Stop by any time to meet and chat with the authors, and possibly purchase a book or two.

Authors, with the audience they write for, who are planning to attend:

Gloria G. Adams (Children), Lisa Amstutz (Children), Jordan Antonino (Young Adult), Debbie Ashley (Adult, Children), Michele L. Brooks (Adult), Doug Brown (Adult, Young Adult, Children), Alexxa Burton (Adult), Kate Church (Young Adult, Children), Dawn E. Dagger (Adult, Young Adult), Christine Donmoyer (Adult, Young Adult), George Ebey (Adult, Young Adult), Alex Erickson (Adult), Annie Hunter Eriksen (Children), Joe Clifford Faust (Adult), Max Willi Fischer (Adult, Young Adult), R. W. Futrell (Adult, Young Adult), Audrakate Gonzalez (Young Adult, Middle Grade), Rebecca Greenfield (Children, Adult), Chrissy Hartmann (Adult), Patrick Kinkead (Adult), Lana Koehler (Chiildren), Marty Kral (Adult, Young Adult), Mindy McGinnis (Young Adult), Patricia Miller (Adult, Young Adult, Middle Grade), Cat Russell (Adult), Colton Steiner (Adult), Aileen Stewart (Children), Heather Stover (Adult), Lindsay Ward (Children), Lori Wilkerson (Adult, Young Adult), and Cassandra Zook (Illustrator, Adult)