A Heavy Heart

by Rosemarie Vrabel

Our hearts are burdened

Our spirits are numb

We have thoughts of sadness

and tears that come

Why I ask does this still go on

It should not hurt to be a mom

This beautiful baby that was so sweet

So very special from her head to her feet

Soft blond hair and eyes so blue

Would only bring joy to our hearts we knew

Where does it change

When does it happen

This child so sweet as she is napping

What were the signs, what did we miss

Did it all start with her very first kiss

We search our hearts for some kind of clue

This little girl that we thought we knew

What could we have done, what didn’t we do

Begging sobbing prayer and pleading

Our hearts broken what was she needing

Did it just feel like our hearts were bleeding

Covering up and trying hard to pretend

That all was well she was on the mend

Dedicated to God-Church-Counselors and more

Many second chances did she not know the score

Losing her car her home and much more

Living in shelters and seemingly poor

Now middle age and also a mother

A daughter who loves her like no other

Her family helped to give her a new start

Did she wake up was she now smart

Again a car a home a family with hope

A teenage daughter helping her cope

No happy ending as you see on the soaps

Nothing it seems can sway her from dope

Where will it end Lord can she not see

The hurt tears and heartache should it still be

No more can we take the pain is so deep

Heal her dear Lord tonight as she sleeps

Fill her with peace and Your sweet love

Surround her with Angels from above

She is my daughter can’t You see

I’m pleading with You on bended knee

Take away those cravings let us have hope

Lord only through You can we cope